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elano collaço
graphic designer 
art director


1. ana katamura's
first time

art direction for a short film written and directed by mauro paz

4. noisy

visual ID for
hip hop project noisy

7. yellow 

re-branding project
for transport startup yellow

10. yoki 
perfect fit

advertising campaign for yoki's new microwave popcorn

2. mastercard:
the taste
of encounters 

branded content campaign for mastercard's black and platinum benefits

5. mastercard uefa

advertising campaign for mastercard's uefa championship sponsoring

8. moms
hint dropping

l'occitane au brésil mother's  
dDay social media campaign

11. bienal 
qorpo sa

branding project for theater    
festival bienal qorpo santo

3. bee content club

branding project for communication startup bee content club

6. b.lem

branding project for b.lem
portuguese bakery

9. unlook
of the day

social media campaign
for salvation army's winter donation season

12. bring
love back

l'occitane au brésil valentine's
day social media campaign


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