The Salvation Army is a recognized institution which receives donations of clothes for its charitable bazaars. The problem is that people often end up donating clothes in a bad state, which makes it impossible to sell these pieces.

In order to stimulate the donation of clothes in good condition for the Salvation Army we launched the #unlookdodia campaign. The campaign bets on a movement that unites fashion and solidarity to stimulate donations of clothes in good condition, all with a digital language, inspired by the hashtag #LookdoDia, made popular mainly by fashion bloggers.

To donate, just post a photo with the look to be donated, with the hashtag #unlookdodia. Soon, the Salvation Army would get in touch and arrange the donation.

Before the launch of the campaign we built a website to explain how it would work

We launched on the first winter day

And it kept during all the season

There was also print media

Some celebrities liked the idea and joined us


And the result:

+75% increase in donations
compared to the previous year